Holiday Catering is the Break You’ve Been Looking For

Are you the one in your family that starts cooking for Thanksgiving the Monday before the big day? Have you ever dreamed of waking up on Thanksgiving morning to the smell of pumpkin pie that was almost ready to come out of the oven and you had had nothing to do with it? And then, the smell of brown, crispy skinned turkey loaded with stuffing comes wafting temptingly into your room. You throw on your robe and slippers and make your way downstairs and to your surprise you see Thanksgiving dinner all laid out and steaming on your beautifully decorated dining room table. There are even lit candles amongst the decorations. In San Francisco, holiday catering can make your dreams come true.

Finding the Holiday Caterer of Your Dreams

You deserve a break, but you are going to have to do a little bit of research and part with a little bit of money. But oh, it will be so worth it. You are able to find a catering company that will deliver a turkey, stuffing, mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce and rolls, hot and piping, right to your door on Thanksgiving morning for under $8 a person. They even bring the food in food warmers so it will stay hot until you are ready to eat. Who knew? You also found out that caterers do the same thing, only with different foods, for Halloween, Independence Day, Easter, St. Patrick’s Day, Valentine’s Day and more. Some of the items on their Halloween menu are Frog’s Eyes, Fried Spiders and Bloody Dipping Sauce, Baby Mummies, Spider Web Soup, Bootiful Bananas and Zombie Hearts.

Delivery of the Food

With a few more questions you find out that they can also provide a vegetable, a salad, candied yams and pumpkin pie for a few more dollars per each person. Their staff will not only deliver the food but set it up right where you want it. You have only imagined such things. You are planning on feeding 32 of your family and friends. They think you are going to be slaving over the stove for days and nights but won’t they be surprised when you are well rested, unfrazzled and have actually taken a shower when you finally sit down with them to eat the fabulous meal.

Everyone Should Know about Holiday Catering

There has got to be some way to get the word out about San Francisco holiday catering. All those years of slaving over the stove and rolling pins and flour and green beans and little tiny cubes of dried bread are over. You are never going back. There is that special salad that Grandma Collins always made that you will put together the night before but that is all you are going to do. Cousin George is bringing drinks and the caterers are bringing the rest. Before you sit down to the fabulous mean you will be out visiting with your guests without a care in the world and your oven will be cold. Next year you know you will find some other holidays to have catered. This was way too much fun.

Use Catering to Wow Your Party Guests

Food is one of the main focuses for events like weddings, holiday partys, or other special celebrations. If you are hosting one of these events and are having the food supplied by a San Francisco catering company, you will want the food to look good, taste good, and please your guests. The company you are using will give you a list of food options to choose from, and you will want to make the best selections possible. Here are some guidelines on choosing a great menu for your event.

Cover All the Food Groups

Unless you are doing an event that is “dessert only,” choose food items from all the different food groups. This will create a balanced meal for your guests. When you are choosing what to serve for a protein dish, be mindful of any vegetarians that may be coming to your event. For those guests who don’t eat meat, there should be dairy or cheese items available on the menu that will still cover this food group. Choose exciting fruit and vegetable dishes, as well as delicious starches, such as breads, potatoes, and rice.

Go for Color

It is true that you first eat with your eye, and then your mouth. When food looks good on the plate, it tastes better in the mouth. If your menu items are not colorful, they do not look as appetizing. There is nothing exciting about chicken, mashed potatoes, and a roll on your guest’s plate. The food all looks tan, bland, and boring. But if there is are colorful foods thrown into the mix, like a fruit salad or a garden vegetable saut, the meal just looks better. Be mindful of the color of the foods you are selecting, and try to get the most colorful plate possible. It will look amazing.

Enjoy the Sweet and Savory

Another thing to keep in mind as you select what you will be serving is the actual taste of the foods. Some foods are spicy, others are light and refreshing. Some desserts are chocolaty and rich, while others are fruity and fresh. Variety in the area of how the food actually tastes is important. It is nice to have food items that differ from each other, so you do not feel like you are serving things like all sweet foods, or all greasy foods. Choose a San Francisco catering company that has a menu selection that will help you achieve this ideal.

The “Wow” Factor

If you are going to spend the money on a San Francisco catering service, you may as well get food that looks awesome. The presentation of the food you serve can take your event to the next level if it is done right. Some companies will prepare food that may taste fine, but doesn’t look all that special. But when food is presented in a spectacular way it adds a new dimension your guests’ experience. Seek out a company that has a menu that can meet these requirements, make sure you choose the best combination of foods, and you will have a meal that will please and wow your guests.