Pfaltzgraff Patterns: Good for Plates or Platters

The Pfaltzgraff Company has a lot to brag about when it comes to their dinnerware and memorable designs.  Founded all the way back in 1811, this two hundred year old company brags of over 140 current designs available in sets that include plates, cups bowls, and glasses.  These designs vary greatly from copying the common appearance of fine porcelain China with simple light graceful colors accentuated with blue floral edges to designs which include sunflowers, birds, roosters and other actual designs and pictures on the plates and serving platters themselves.

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Pfaltzgraff designs cover a wide variety of looks and this allows consumers to go to one place in order to look for all the different dishes they want.  The popular sunflower design reminds many people of country farms or potlucks, while porcelain white fine dishes are also available to allow for a more formal type of set up.  Do you prefer plain white?  What about tan spice or black?  How about a bright blue, or colorful designs?  All of these options are available from Pfaltzgraff, and help explain why so many consumers love the selection offered.

While this company has been producing top notch porcelain products for 200 years now, one of the major changes that occurred happened in 2005 when Pfaltzgraff teamed up with the Lifetime Brand line which includes many other companies known for the highest quality of dishes and kitchenware.  By doing so, the company can work with others to offer the full benefit of selection, price, and expertise to their customers.

Unlike many other companies whose fine dinnerware is always or almost always base white many patterns offered by Pfaltzgraff are extremely colorful in nature and even combine various shades of orange, gray, cream, blue, purple, yellow, and reds in patterns which appear aesthetically pleasing in addition to also still working as fancier or special dinnerware.  This contrast isn’t lost on the customers who often enjoy having unique designs which pop off of their dinner plates instead of just having the same old thing when company comes over.

In addition to porcelain, Pfaltzgraff is also extremely well known for their stoneware.  As of 2011 the stoneware comes in nine different patterns to choose from and includes painted designs, folk art, and also comes in several different colors that consumers can choose from.  This style of fine kitchenware has become extremely popular in recent years, and offers yet another choice to consumers who are set on finding a quality product from this company.