Home Trends Dinnerware

Home Trends Dinnerware might sound like something you see on a “trending news” feed for Google, but the reality is that the term refers to the actual name of a very popular brand of dinnerware.  The Home Trends line is a relatively recent release, especially compared to the other companies in the niche who have been making stoneware and porcelain for decades or even centuries, but the recent popularity of this brand makes them a force to be reckoned with, especially among consumers looking to buy a full 16 or 32 piece matching dinnerware set.

Home Trends Dinnerware shouldn’t be mistaken with some of the really high end China, porcelain, or stoneware that some people are looking for but if you want a nice looking but inexpensive alternative, this is where the Home Trends line really begins to shine and find its niche in the home market.  These are not going to be mistaken for a top of the line $1,000 antique set of porcelain, but if you want a set of very nice matching dishes without having to give up a huge paycheck, then this is where Home Trends Dinnerware should be considered by the average consumer.

The 16 piece sets start for as low as $40, and they are common enough that you can find them in many big retail stores such as Wal Mart or Target.  This makes picking up a set much easier since you don’t have to order through a specialty store or online, although online purchase is still a completely viable option.  These sets also come in several different colors which include various shades of red and brown for that darker aesthetic which can look extremely nice on formal dishes.

Some of the most popular colors or Home Trends Dinnerware designs include: Bazaar Brown, Kasbar deep red, the bright red Rave, and the creatively descriptive “square” line of you guessed it – square plates and dishes.  These four styles make up a large majority of sales for this line but as more designs and colors are released into the future it will not be surprising if this ends up changing.

Really, aside from comparing the individual styles to see what colors you like the best, there’s not much more that needs to be said about the inexpensive but popular Home Trends Dinnerware designs.  Look at the various color schemes offered, decide if you want the traditional round plates or the semi-formal square shape, and then enjoy spending a small amount of money to get the quality dish sets that you truly wanted all along!

Pfaltzgraff Patterns: Good for Plates or Platters

The Pfaltzgraff Company has a lot to brag about when it comes to their dinnerware and memorable designs.  Founded all the way back in 1811, this two hundred year old company brags of over 140 current designs available in sets that include plates, cups bowls, and glasses.  These designs vary greatly from copying the common appearance of fine porcelain China with simple light graceful colors accentuated with blue floral edges to designs which include sunflowers, birds, roosters and other actual designs and pictures on the plates and serving platters themselves.

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Pfaltzgraff designs cover a wide variety of looks and this allows consumers to go to one place in order to look for all the different dishes they want.  The popular sunflower design reminds many people of country farms or potlucks, while porcelain white fine dishes are also available to allow for a more formal type of set up.  Do you prefer plain white?  What about tan spice or black?  How about a bright blue, or colorful designs?  All of these options are available from Pfaltzgraff, and help explain why so many consumers love the selection offered.

While this company has been producing top notch porcelain products for 200 years now, one of the major changes that occurred happened in 2005 when Pfaltzgraff teamed up with the Lifetime Brand line which includes many other companies known for the highest quality of dishes and kitchenware.  By doing so, the company can work with others to offer the full benefit of selection, price, and expertise to their customers.

Unlike many other companies whose fine dinnerware is always or almost always base white many patterns offered by Pfaltzgraff are extremely colorful in nature and even combine various shades of orange, gray, cream, blue, purple, yellow, and reds in patterns which appear aesthetically pleasing in addition to also still working as fancier or special dinnerware.  This contrast isn’t lost on the customers who often enjoy having unique designs which pop off of their dinner plates instead of just having the same old thing when company comes over.

In addition to porcelain, Pfaltzgraff is also extremely well known for their stoneware.  As of 2011 the stoneware comes in nine different patterns to choose from and includes painted designs, folk art, and also comes in several different colors that consumers can choose from.  This style of fine kitchenware has become extremely popular in recent years, and offers yet another choice to consumers who are set on finding a quality product from this company.

What Is Noritake China?

Noritake China refers to a specific type of China produced by an American company that started out with a Japanese factory to produce Western style dishes that came with a more traditional Eastern style of make and design.  The Noritake Company began in 1876 and was based in New York, and at the time specialized in importing actual China to the United States for sale.  However by 1904 the decision was made to start producing fine porcelain from a Japanese factory, although it would take even longer – all the way until 1914 – for production standards to meet approval for importing into US markets.

Technological advancements led to Noritake being able to mass produce fine China porcelain products and as a result by the 1930s they became one of the world’s largest distributors of fine porcelain, which is often simply referred to as fine China.  Today is no different as modern Noritake China is sold in over 100 countries and is used by individual consumers for their fine China as well as hotels, specialized catering companies, and a wide array of other uses.

Modern Noritake China comes in a variety of different styles and colors.  There are literally hundreds of different styles to browse through in addition to colored glassware to match.  While the majority of porcelain designs are base white with some gold outlay or colorful flower work around the edges, for those who like something different Noritake China styles also include porcelain in tan, black, deep blue, or even combinations of various colors like these to really cause the designs to pop off of the plate.

Noritake China can also refer to the porcelain plates, platters, tea cups, coffee cups, and other dishes.  The variety is part of what puts this company up on top since they offer virtually every type of dish which can be offered in fine porcelain form.  Add in the spectacular designs and the ability to mix and match styles to get the aesthetic appearance between dishes that you prefer, and it’s not hard to see why Noritake fine porcelain China continues to be among the most highly bought and sought even after a full ninety plus years of production.

When it comes time to make your purchase, be sure to do your homework, study all the similar patterns available, and then make a decision only after mulling over all the options available.