Johnson Brothers Dinnerware

There are few tableware collections that have both a modern and vintage appeal. However, Johnson Brothers dinnerware has truly withstood the tests of time, and is just as popular today as it was in the 1800’s. Offering everything from basic white sets to intricately designed scenes and patterns, there is an option to suit many popular design tastes. While most of these patterned sets are more traditional in nature, there are a few that are slightly more contemporary. So if you are looking to create a truly unique theme for your kitchen and dining area, this may be the best design option for you.

The Johnson Brothers – Past and Present

The history for Johnson Brothers dinnerware began in the 19th century in the United Kingdom.  Originally known as the Meakin China Factory, this company ended up making a huge transition and ended up creating a niche market in the tableware industry.  The new pieces were called Whiteware or Earthenware, known during the time period as “White Granite.”  This new type of glazed porcelain was extremely durable in nature, and much stronger than traditional china. The first sets released for sale were simple white dinnerware.  But when colored designs became available they easily surpassed the original product in popularity because chips caused by normal wear and tear were easily disguised. In the twenties, the Johnson Brothers patterned styles were created – and are what make this brand both unique and recognizable among their competitors. Today, the Johnson Brothers tableware collections are part of the Wedgwood Group and are manufactured in China, not the UK.

Finding Original Johnson Brothers China

Individuals who own traditional Earthenware pieces or collectors of vintage dinnerware may find it difficult to find original pieces. While the sets and individual of today are practically identical from the original in appearance, purists appreciate not only the design but materials as well. One of the best places to find replacement items or original sets is Replacements Ltd., which is located in Greensboro, SC. In addition to their showroom, designs are showcased on their website – which is an excellent resource for individuals to buy and sell collectible dinnerware sets. If you can not find your patterned tableware here, consider other resources such as vintage shops, antique stores and eBay.

Johnson Brothers Best Selling White Dining Sets

If you are searching for table setting that can transition from casual to elegant in an instant, white dinnerware is the perfect for solution. The most popular styles in this category are Heritage White and Regency White. However, their pure color is where the similarity ends. The Heritage Collection is surprisingly contemporary in design, despite being created in 1974. All of the pieces have an octagonal shape with embossing along the edge, which adds a bit of flair and character to each component. Regency white resembles the causal dinnerware of today, and wears a striking resemblance to Corelle patterns Enhancements set.

Other Popular Johnson Brother Patterns of Today

If you are looking for patterned tableware that will leave your guests talking, consider designs such as Eternal Beau, Blue Denmark and Rose Chintz Pink. While these styles are amazingly simple, they are both elegant and feminine.  Perfectly suited for a casual meal, they can be coordinated to match any kitchen and dining room theme. Do you have a formal event planned? All you need is the addition of a tablecloth, napkins and other table accessories – and this dinnerware set can transition from casual to chic in an instant.

A vintage set of Johnson Brothers dinnerware made from original Earthenware materials would be an excellent addition to any collectors home. And with all of the resources available today, obtaining this type of set is not as difficult as you would first think. If this is too much work, too expensive, or you prefer dishware made from modern materials, duplicated patterns are very easy to find as well. In fact these copies are so close to the original in appearance; your guests may never know the difference. No matter which option you prefer, Johnson Brothers tableware is an excellent option for those who desire clean designs or traditional themes for their kitchen and dining spaces.