White Dinnerware

White dinnerware consists of plates, bowls and table accessories that lack any color or pattern on the surface, underside or inside. Pure in color, these pieces are perfect for any occasion, from casual to formal. However, if you are in the market for a new dining set, finding the right white tableware set for your home can be difficult with all of the choices that are available.

Choosing the Right White Tableware for Your Home

When it comes to choosing the right dinnerware set, keep in mind the term “white” describes more than one color. While there is the option to choose pure white, which is bright in hue and can create a vivid contrast when placed among colored accessories such as placemats, napkins and tablecloths. If this does not fit your decorating style, consider other options such as off-white and antique white. These choices still maintain the look of everyday white dinnerware sets, but maintain a slightly softer feel. Also, do not think that these sets are plain or boring. Plain dinnerware is available, which creates a clean feel but lacks embellishment. Do you want something with a bit of flair? Consider choosing tableware with raised edges and embossing around the edges of each of the pieces. With all of these options, it is easy to find the right white dinnerware that will match your decorating tastes and serve as timeless pieces as you style changes.

Embellishing Your Decorating Style Casual White Dinnerware

Just because your new white table settings can suit any casual occasion, it doesn’t mean they can’t easily transition to suit large get-togethers and formal events. By making simple changes by mixing colored or patterned pieces into the original set, you can create themes that can fit any occasion or holiday. Would you like to add a bit more creativity? Embellish your settings with colorful cloth napkins, napkin rings, placemats, and tablecloths. These simple (and inexpensive) additions can turn your table from casual to elegant in a matter of minutes – and you will never have to worry about your white dinnerware clashing with your ideas or theme.

Corelle White Dinnerware Sets for Everyday

The brand Corelle became available to consumers in the 1970’s, and is a popular household name today. Manufactured on the production line using a specific process that bonds three layers of glass together thermally, the resulting glass dinnerware is uniquely durable. Eventually, Corelle dinnerware earned the reputation for being “unbreakable”, making it the perfect option for any home. While its reputation for being unbreakable is purely myth, it is extremely strong, scratch and stain resistant. In addition, Corelle backs its products with a 2-year warranty, demonstrating a high level of confidence in their product.  Currently, they produce several styles of glass white dinnerware sets including enhancements, pure white and winter frost white.

Johnson Brothers – Vintage White Tableware

Creating the first tableware that was an alternative to fine china, the Johnson Brothers produced the first Earthenware – also known as “White Granite.” At first, they only produced white dinnerware for the home, eventually branching out into pure colors and patterns. If you are considering the addition of this brand dinnerware to your home, consider the Heritage White or Regency White Collections. These dinnerware sets and accessories are available as vintage pieces (which are ideal for collectors) or can be purchased from the Wedgwood Group where they are made from modern-day materials.

Mikasa Dinnerware in White

For an upscale white dishware look at a discounted price, Amazon offers this beautiful Mikasa Antique White 45-Piece Dinnerware Set for 8 set at a price much lower than retail.  This set can be purchased with accompanying Mikasa Cereal Bowls and Coffee Mugs to allow you to fully dress your table with the look of antique porcelains.

Regardless of the brand of white dinnerware you choose, you can rest assured that your new set will suit any occasion. Able to transition from casual to elegant in an instant with the addition of accessories, these pieces are both practical and functional.  Therefore, before you buy a patterned dinnerware set thinking the alternative will be plain or boring, you may want to take a second look at all the options. You may discover that white table settings will be perfect for your decorating style and living needs.



Johnson Brothers Dinnerware

There are few tableware collections that have both a modern and vintage appeal. However, Johnson Brothers dinnerware has truly withstood the tests of time, and is just as popular today as it was in the 1800’s. Offering everything from basic white sets to intricately designed scenes and patterns, there is an option to suit many popular design tastes. While most of these patterned sets are more traditional in nature, there are a few that are slightly more contemporary. So if you are looking to create a truly unique theme for your kitchen and dining area, this may be the best design option for you.

The Johnson Brothers – Past and Present

The history for Johnson Brothers dinnerware began in the 19th century in the United Kingdom.  Originally known as the Meakin China Factory, this company ended up making a huge transition and ended up creating a niche market in the tableware industry.  The new pieces were called Whiteware or Earthenware, known during the time period as “White Granite.”  This new type of glazed porcelain was extremely durable in nature, and much stronger than traditional china. The first sets released for sale were simple white dinnerware.  But when colored designs became available they easily surpassed the original product in popularity because chips caused by normal wear and tear were easily disguised. In the twenties, the Johnson Brothers patterned styles were created – and are what make this brand both unique and recognizable among their competitors. Today, the Johnson Brothers tableware collections are part of the Wedgwood Group and are manufactured in China, not the UK.

Finding Original Johnson Brothers China

Individuals who own traditional Earthenware pieces or collectors of vintage dinnerware may find it difficult to find original pieces. While the sets and individual of today are practically identical from the original in appearance, purists appreciate not only the design but materials as well. One of the best places to find replacement items or original sets is Replacements Ltd., which is located in Greensboro, SC. In addition to their showroom, designs are showcased on their website – which is an excellent resource for individuals to buy and sell collectible dinnerware sets. If you can not find your patterned tableware here, consider other resources such as vintage shops, antique stores and eBay.

Johnson Brothers Best Selling White Dining Sets

If you are searching for table setting that can transition from casual to elegant in an instant, white dinnerware is the perfect for solution. The most popular styles in this category are Heritage White and Regency White. However, their pure color is where the similarity ends. The Heritage Collection is surprisingly contemporary in design, despite being created in 1974. All of the pieces have an octagonal shape with embossing along the edge, which adds a bit of flair and character to each component. Regency white resembles the causal dinnerware of today, and wears a striking resemblance to Corelle patterns Enhancements set.

Other Popular Johnson Brother Patterns of Today

If you are looking for patterned tableware that will leave your guests talking, consider designs such as Eternal Beau, Blue Denmark and Rose Chintz Pink. While these styles are amazingly simple, they are both elegant and feminine.  Perfectly suited for a casual meal, they can be coordinated to match any kitchen and dining room theme. Do you have a formal event planned? All you need is the addition of a tablecloth, napkins and other table accessories – and this dinnerware set can transition from casual to chic in an instant.

A vintage set of Johnson Brothers dinnerware made from original Earthenware materials would be an excellent addition to any collectors home. And with all of the resources available today, obtaining this type of set is not as difficult as you would first think. If this is too much work, too expensive, or you prefer dishware made from modern materials, duplicated patterns are very easy to find as well. In fact these copies are so close to the original in appearance; your guests may never know the difference. No matter which option you prefer, Johnson Brothers tableware is an excellent option for those who desire clean designs or traditional themes for their kitchen and dining spaces.

Corelle Patterns

Finding the right plates and cups to coordinate with your home can be difficult, especially if you have a specific theme or pattern type in mind. While choosing white dinnerware is an option, chances are you would prefer something with a bit more flair. Corelle plates have been a popular brand name in households since the 1970’s. Their strength, durability and reputation for being virtually unbreakable created the foundation for their popularity; but the one feature that sets this brand apart from the competition is the wide range of Corelle patterns available today online and at popular retailers. These designs are able to match every decorating style from traditional to contemporary, and fit every situation from casual dining to formal get-togethers. With the wide selection available, chances are you won’t have a hard time finding the perfect Corelle dinnerware set for you and your home.

Corelle Pattern Types

The strength and durability associated with the Corelle brand name is not the only reason for its popularity. One of its greatest attributes is its style, allowing this dinnerware to coordinate with any home design ranging from to traditional to contemporary – and even fitting every decorating idea in between.

Corelle dinner sets are divided into five distinct segments, including Livingware, Vive, Impressions, Square and Contours. Within these categories, you can find the perfect complete set of dinnerware to match your existing décor, or you can create the foundation for a whole new look.

The Livingware Collection

Do you need the perfect dinner set that can fit any occasion? No matter if you are dining alone, with family or guests, the Corelle Livingware collection can set any tone from casual to formal.  If you are looking for extravagant designs, this may not be the right set for you, because the key to these patterns are found within their subtleties. Some of the most popular choices are decorated with a series of monochromatic or similar hues of lines accenting the outer edge of the plate or mug. If this is too simple for your taste, consider patterns containing simple floral prints or geometric shapes. With the addition of napkins, placemats and a few decorating accessories, you can transition your dining area from simple to formal in a matter of minutes.

The Contemporary Feel of the Vibe, Square and Contour Collection

Corelle’s newest pattern lines are the Vibe, Square and Contour segments. These sets are bold and cotemporary – making them ideal for those who are not timid about making a decorating statement. Rather than delicately accenting the background like the Living ware collection, these patterns are meant to be noticed. Many of these Corelle patterns are geometric or asymmetrical in nature, mimicking the most popular and current decorating trends. Because of their extravagance they are not only an amazing decorating piece, but are a true conversation starter.

The Impressions Collection

If the Livingware collection is popular because of its versatility — and the latter is known for its ability to coordinate with current trends – what can the Corelle Impressions collection offer? The key to these patterns are tradition. Decorated with motifs including flowers, fruits and nature, they can easily blend with traditional kitchen designs or easily coordinate with themes. Not quite subtle and almost bold, the patterns can be played up or down depending on the occasion.

Finding Discontinued or Retired Corelle Patterns

Corelle has created and sold different types of patterned dinnerware since the 1970’s. This extensive lineage means not all of the designs and styles are currently available for sale, and have joined the ranks of the retired Corelle patterns. But what happens if you break a plate, mug or bowl that is part of the collection that you have owned for years? Finding a replacement for this piece is not as difficult as you first might believe. The best place to start is by locating the name at the Corelle website in the “Discontinued Showroom.” While the images are a bit small, and finding an exact match may take some time, knowing the design name is essential to locating new pieces to coordinate with your existing set.

Next, perform an internet search for “retired Corelle” along with the pattern name – and you should be able to quickly locate collectors and resellers that are willing to sell individual pieces to complete your existing set. Sites including Replacements Ltd. or eBay are also valuable resources, and contain extensive listings of retired dinnerware sold by collectors and individuals.

Finding the perfect Corelle set for you home is easy with the wide range of patterns available, regardless of your decorating style. This brand on dinnerware can easily set the theme of the room or tone of the event, and this versatility is unmatched by the competition. And if you love the look of vintage sets or need to replace a piece of a discontinued set, contacting collectors is easy with the wide reach of the internet. Regardless of your design preference, Corelle patterned dishware is the perfect solution if you are looking for a product that is not only durable, but beautiful as well.