Corelle Dinnerware Sets – Various Patterns And Collections

There are some pieces of dinnerware that are created to stand up to the test of time. They continue to look great and perform in ways that make people enjoy using them. In the category of timeless dishes, you will find Corelle dinnerware sets.

These sets are available in a lot of interesting and unique patterns as well as in classic styles. You can find designs that incorporate garden elements into the pattern and some that use artistic and geometric shapes to create contemporary dinner sets with a modern look.

There are also dinner plate sets that are created using only a solid color for all of the pieces.  Corelle plain white dishware sets are a very popular item.  These Corelle patterns offer the great look of white square dinner plates.

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When browsing the various lines of Corelle dinner service sets you will see a category called Global Fusion. The dishes available in these collections use designs and colors from other countries to create original pieces for your table. They range in design from the soft pastel colors of oriental flowers to the bold hues of Spanish borders.

The different dinner sets are created as versatile types of dinnerware that can be purchased for use with a special event or as every day dishes. The flower and leaf patterns make the perfect dishes to use for outdoor garden parties, while the colorful patterns of their whimsy collections are good for family celebrations.

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Corelle dinner plates set can consist of several pieces. These sets are available in place settings for four or eight and generally include the ten inch dinner plates, the eight inch luncheon plates, twenty-two ounce size bowls and twelve ounce size mugs. Variations on the basic set may have the bowl and mug in smaller sizes to keep with the specific design of the particular set.

The various collections will have plates shaped in the traditional round style as well as the new square style. The square shaped plate sets will also have a matching square-shaped bowl.

Besides all the amazing designs and patterns available for Corelle dishes, a Corelle dishware set comes with a three-year warranty if anything should happen to your pieces. The warranty is nice to have even though these products are made to be extremely durable and are resistant to chipping and breaking.

The surface is also scratch resistant which will not fade so your brilliant pattern will stay beautiful throughout the years. All of the pieces are one hundred percent dishwasher and microwave safe and can be stacked on your cupboard to make them space-saving items as well.  The robustness of Corelle plates make them a great choice as outdoor dinnerware sets.