Sango Dinnerware Sets

Just like true gourmet cooks who are not satisfied with the same recipe and result everyone else produces, people who buy Sango dinnerware sets demand the best and use these to create unique table settings. Gourmet cooks tweak recipes and make each dish uniquely theirs with a different, satisfying flavor. Each creation is a signature product worthy the creator’s name.

So it is with a Sango dishware set. Each piece is finished by a talented craftsman; no two pieces are identical in coloring or pattern. Plates, bowls and cups have a slight variation in coloring creating an intriguing table setting. The unique design, colors and individuality make Sango products a work of art suitable for display both on and off a fancy dining table.

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These designers have reached back into the past and forward into the future to create the variety of shapes offered. Retro looks modernized old, combining comfortable favorites of yesteryear with the usability and feel of today’s lavish options. Streamlined modern designs include standard round plate shapes and captivating square options with softly contoured corners or boldly enhanced edges. Discerning shoppers can find a distinctive shape of dishware to enhance their lifestyle.

It is the unique combination of colors with designs that create the wow factor. Sango nova dinnerware sets are the most beautiful and popular of all the lines. The manufacturer dared to use a single color and alter the shades of that color on each plate in a consistent, hand-decorated pattern. High dishes gloss reactive lead-free glaze makes each place setting shimmer with life and excitement.

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The gold dust collection is hand dipped in three different finishes of the same color group to create an attention-getting masterpiece. Many have bold black, dark brown and rustic orange colors making each table setting unique, unexpected and startling. Dull and boring is gone forever.

The individuality of each piece encourages creative place settings and table decorations. Combining strong designs and unique colors with special accessory pieces like hostess sets, lasagna dishes and ice cream bowls lets each host or hostess form a dining experience that will be talked about and envied for years to come.

Sango dinnerware sets stage tables for delectable meals and nutritious snacks. Although these are fancy enough to be used for the most formal occasions, they are practical and easy-to-use for everyday treats.

Gourmet cooks cannot be satisfied with standard recipes; purchasers of Sango nova dinnerware sets demand something different and exciting for their table and themselves.

Gibson Dinnerware Sets

For decades, Gibson dinnerware sets have been one of the first products consumers turn to when looking for dishes, and not surprisingly.  Gibson is a global leader in the house wares market, and offers a wide variety of durable, fashionable, and affordable dinnerware patterns.

Their 21-member team of designers is second to none with its approach to trend-setting style and innovative solutions to practical problems.  Anyone thinking of purchasing dinnerware would be well served by looking into a Gibson dishware set before making a final decision.

The patterns for Gibson dishware sets are classified into six basic groups:  white ware, banded, decorated, solid color & reactive, hand painted, and gold & platinum.

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White dishware may be bone china, porcelain, or stoneware and the collection offers timeless patterns, both contemporary and traditional, as well as different shapes and surface textures. These white dinnerware sets are stylish and very appealing.

The banded sets provide basics with added color and dimension for either a casual or a more formal air.  The decorated collection truly covers a wide, wide range of looks, whether full coverage designs or simple, quiet elements.

For those who love lots of saturated color, beautiful, bold design, and striking textures and shapes, the solid color & reactive collection is sure to have something to please.

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Gibson hand painted dinnerware has captured a range of designs that warm the heart.  Quaint, colorful, muted, charming, traditional, and rustic styles alike are presented in these artistic patterns.

For the sheer elegance of styles punctuated with shimmery trim, look to the opulent but understated sets in the gold and platinum collection.  Refinement at the table will be a breeze with these beautiful Gibson tableware sets.

Gibson dinnerware patterns are continually updated—new ones are created and others are discontinued.  For those who wish to add to a favorite pattern, or perhaps find replacements for broken plates there are a few options.

Check with retailers in the area to see if they carry your particular table ware set.  If that is unsuccessful, it may be worth a call to Gibson customer service at (323) 832-8900; their representatives will assist in checking the warehouse.  Also try the many online retailers and companies specializing in replacement dishware pieces.

Consumers will find Gibson dinnerware sets marketed under both the Gibson Everyday brand–their line of casual tableware–as well as the Gibson Elite brand.  Gibson Elite dinnerware sets are more upscale, of the highest quality, and bring luxurious, new, bold approaches to classic design. Most dinnerware sets come boxed with four or five place settings.

The company also offers flatware and glassware that complement the dishes nicely.  Their products are available across the United States at most major retail outlets, and through many online retailers.

Corelle Dinnerware Sets – Various Patterns And Collections

There are some pieces of dinnerware that are created to stand up to the test of time. They continue to look great and perform in ways that make people enjoy using them. In the category of timeless dishes, you will find Corelle dinnerware sets.

These sets are available in a lot of interesting and unique patterns as well as in classic styles. You can find designs that incorporate garden elements into the pattern and some that use artistic and geometric shapes to create contemporary dinner sets with a modern look.

There are also dinner plate sets that are created using only a solid color for all of the pieces.  Corelle plain white dishware sets are a very popular item.  These Corelle patterns offer the great look of white square dinner plates.

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When browsing the various lines of Corelle dinner service sets you will see a category called Global Fusion. The dishes available in these collections use designs and colors from other countries to create original pieces for your table. They range in design from the soft pastel colors of oriental flowers to the bold hues of Spanish borders.

The different dinner sets are created as versatile types of dinnerware that can be purchased for use with a special event or as every day dishes. The flower and leaf patterns make the perfect dishes to use for outdoor garden parties, while the colorful patterns of their whimsy collections are good for family celebrations.

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Corelle dinner plates set can consist of several pieces. These sets are available in place settings for four or eight and generally include the ten inch dinner plates, the eight inch luncheon plates, twenty-two ounce size bowls and twelve ounce size mugs. Variations on the basic set may have the bowl and mug in smaller sizes to keep with the specific design of the particular set.

The various collections will have plates shaped in the traditional round style as well as the new square style. The square shaped plate sets will also have a matching square-shaped bowl.

Besides all the amazing designs and patterns available for Corelle dishes, a Corelle dishware set comes with a three-year warranty if anything should happen to your pieces. The warranty is nice to have even though these products are made to be extremely durable and are resistant to chipping and breaking.

The surface is also scratch resistant which will not fade so your brilliant pattern will stay beautiful throughout the years. All of the pieces are one hundred percent dishwasher and microwave safe and can be stacked on your cupboard to make them space-saving items as well.  The robustness of Corelle plates make them a great choice as outdoor dinnerware sets.