The Ode To Melamine Dinnerware

The Melmac Plate, the Melmac Bowl

Melmac dishes everywhere

Melmac Plates, Melmac Bowls,

A kitchen full of Melmac ware

A very popular material used in dinnerware sets is Melamine resin.  Also, and more accurately, referred to as Melamine Formaldehyde.

Widely used since the 1940’s and 1950’s, old Melmac dinnerware sets are considered quite collectible by some.  There is an active market for these items, and being priced reasonably, collecting these items can be an affordable hobby.

One of the most popular manufacturers for collectors is Branchell Melmac, which is still readily available with a little effort.  Another popular line is Boonton Melmac, which was produced by the company Boontonware in New Jersey.  A quick search on eBay will uncover all sorts of vintage Melmac, so if your interests lie in that direction you will surely find some items that catches your interest.

These days’ people seeking a retro look can find charming Melamine plate designs online that will really brighten up their dining table.  Pfaltzgraff has a particularly good selection and there are many people who consider Pfaltzgraff dinnerware sets some of the nicest available.

Melamine dinnerware sets are a great choice if you have a real need for plates that are very near indestructible.  If you are considering Melmac from the postwar era just be sure to avoid placing the plates in the microwave, as you will be using dinnerware designed in the pre microwave oven era.