Dessert Plates

No Kitchen or Dining Room, however big or small, can do without dessert plates. This serving ware is used all the time, yet we pay very little attention to these plates. Many of us do not regularly look closely at our serving dishes – not because we lack interest but because we just take them for granted.  It is only when guests make a comment about a nice dessert plate set, or perhaps a chipped dessert plate, that we become conscious of it.  So the next time you plan to buy table ware, do not wait for someone to point out to you. Spend a little time on choosing a right product.

The right time to go shopping for table ware and crockery is just before the holiday season when most malls offer huge discounts. A visit to the tableware section of a department store will transport you to another world of color and design. You will find yourself at a loss of words for you would never have come across so many varieties. Rather than being overwhelmed by the available choices, think carefully about what your requirements are. There are many things to consider when picking out the most appropriate dessert plates set.

If you have young children at home, or frequently entertain family with young kids, you may want to consider their preference. Obviously their choice would be dessert plates with pictures of animals or cartoons.  Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters are perennial favorites of children.  You can also explore more modern childrens’ characters, many popular movies will have sold the rights for their figures to table ware manufactures.   Choosing a children friendly image for your dessert plates is sure to bring a smile to the kids face each time they use them.

Budget allowing, a practical and good way of looking at buying your dinner ware is to buy two sets of dessert plates.   One set can be used for daily use. The pattern, shape and color can be something informal and based on theme that appeals to your family members.  This set should be good quality, but more importantly, should be durable.  Your second set should be more formal, perhaps with an elegant floral design.   The second set should be more sophisticated, as it will be reserved for special occasions.  These would be events such as formal dinner parties, extended family gatherings and other similarly important occasions.

This article is meant to get you to start thinking on how to choose your crockery sets. Go ahead and enjoy the experience.