The Ode To Melamine Dinnerware

The Melmac Plate, the Melmac Bowl

Melmac dishes everywhere

Melmac Plates, Melmac Bowls,

A kitchen full of Melmac ware

A very popular material used in dinnerware sets is Melamine resin.  Also, and more accurately, referred to as Melamine Formaldehyde.

Widely used since the 1940’s and 1950’s, old Melmac dinnerware sets are considered quite collectible by some.  There is an active market for these items, and being priced reasonably, collecting these items can be an affordable hobby.

One of the most popular manufacturers for collectors is Branchell Melmac, which is still readily available with a little effort.  Another popular line is Boonton Melmac, which was produced by the company Boontonware in New Jersey.  A quick search on eBay will uncover all sorts of vintage Melmac, so if your interests lie in that direction you will surely find some items that catches your interest.

These days’ people seeking a retro look can find charming Melamine plate designs online that will really brighten up their dining table.  Pfaltzgraff has a particularly good selection and there are many people who consider Pfaltzgraff dinnerware sets some of the nicest available.

Melamine dinnerware sets are a great choice if you have a real need for plates that are very near indestructible.  If you are considering Melmac from the postwar era just be sure to avoid placing the plates in the microwave, as you will be using dinnerware designed in the pre microwave oven era.

Dessert Plates

No Kitchen or Dining Room, however big or small, can do without dessert plates. This serving ware is used all the time, yet we pay very little attention to these plates. Many of us do not regularly look closely at our serving dishes – not because we lack interest but because we just take them for granted.  It is only when guests make a comment about a nice dessert plate set, or perhaps a chipped dessert plate, that we become conscious of it.  So the next time you plan to buy table ware, do not wait for someone to point out to you. Spend a little time on choosing a right product.

The right time to go shopping for table ware and crockery is just before the holiday season when most malls offer huge discounts. A visit to the tableware section of a department store will transport you to another world of color and design. You will find yourself at a loss of words for you would never have come across so many varieties. Rather than being overwhelmed by the available choices, think carefully about what your requirements are. There are many things to consider when picking out the most appropriate dessert plates set.

If you have young children at home, or frequently entertain family with young kids, you may want to consider their preference. Obviously their choice would be dessert plates with pictures of animals or cartoons.  Mickey Mouse and other Disney characters are perennial favorites of children.  You can also explore more modern childrens’ characters, many popular movies will have sold the rights for their figures to table ware manufactures.   Choosing a children friendly image for your dessert plates is sure to bring a smile to the kids face each time they use them.

Budget allowing, a practical and good way of looking at buying your dinner ware is to buy two sets of dessert plates.   One set can be used for daily use. The pattern, shape and color can be something informal and based on theme that appeals to your family members.  This set should be good quality, but more importantly, should be durable.  Your second set should be more formal, perhaps with an elegant floral design.   The second set should be more sophisticated, as it will be reserved for special occasions.  These would be events such as formal dinner parties, extended family gatherings and other similarly important occasions.

This article is meant to get you to start thinking on how to choose your crockery sets. Go ahead and enjoy the experience.

Salad Plates

Salad is basically a varied mixture of food.  It is usually a mixture of green leafy vegetables, whether raw or cooked, and tossed with cheese, some fruits, nuts etc.  It may also be a cold dish.  It comes with some dressing such as mayonnaise or any other type of salad dressing.  This dish is served on a type of dinnerware such as a salad plate.

Salad plates are also referred to as accent plates.  They are usually used for decorative purposes and function as plates where desserts or salads are placed.  The use of a salad plate may not necessarily spell the success of a dinner or lunch party you are hosting, but it may definitely reflect as to what kind of a host you are.

The use of a fitting dinnerware in whatever party you are hosting will reflect your style and taste as well as your attention to detail.  If you have these types of gatherings every so often, make sure that your dinnerware sets, including these little plates, are in good condition.

Salad plates come in many types.  There are clear glass salad plates, porcelain plates, china plates and plastic plates.  They also come in different shapes, you can find square salad plates, round and also rectangular plates.  Each may serve you well according to your personal preference.

When choosing a particular shape of salad plate many people prefer to get a matching set.  As an example, instead of purchasing both square dinner plates and square salad plates separately, it may make more sense to purchase instead on of the many square dinnerware sets available to buyer.

When selecting salad plates choose the style and design that is fitting to the tone of the occasion.  If it is a formal dinner or lunch, choose the ones that will exude elegance and style, such as glass and porcelain plates.  But of course, do not compromise quality over aesthetic beauty.  For casual events, simple designs on the plates will be okay as long as they are durable.

Salad plates that are intended for everyday use will be more practical in plastic or non-breakable pieces.  However, if you are fond of cold dishes, it is preferable to have porcelain or non-plastic plates.  Due to the nature of the material, the contents of a plastic plate will warm to the ambient air temperature faster than would occur using a porcelain plate.

Lastly, when buying salad plates take into consideration how easy they are to clean.  If the plates are used as often as every day, the plates should stand the wear of everyday washing.  If this is an important consideration for you, the selection of dishwasher safe salad plates may be appropriate.

Porcelain Dinnerware

Plastic and Melamine dinnerware sets have taken over our dining rooms and kitchens. Today’s fast paced urban lifestyle demands that we use dishes which are easy to clean and are unbreakable. However, this does not take away the magic and romance of a more sophisticated alternative, Porcelain Dinnerware.

Everyone remembers with pleasure the times spent at ones grandparent’s house during their childhood. In most of the cases we remember grandmother’s soup, freshly baked bread and the huge spread at dinners. Many have a vivid memory of the beautiful porcelain chinaware at the dinner table which was taken out only for very special occasions.

Many people are very proud of their porcelain dishware sets, and you will often find porcelain dinner plates beautifully displayed in a glass cupboard. A beautiful porcelain dinner set can be a true work of art, and fine or rare examples are often highly collectable.

Porcelain is a ceramic material made using clay which is burnt in a kiln at a very high temperature.  This process causes the formation of glass, which is what gives it it’s translucent nature. China is believed to be the birth place of porcelain.  Bone china dinnerware is one type of porcelain which is usually used for making dinner sets. These dinnerware sets are very sturdy and durable.  They are meant for daily use and are dishwasher proof.

Selecting porcelain dinner ware is a very thrilling and enjoyable experience. With all the varieties available, it can be difficult to choose just one category. Porcelain dinnerware is available from China, the original source.  It is also manufactured in Italy, and several other European countries.  Each of these sources are famed for their own distinctive style, patterns and designs.  When choosing your dinnerware sets, you may want to choose based on theme.  Selections available range from plain white porcelain dinnerware, to beautiful exotic images that do wonders for your home decoration efforts.

White dinnerware sets are very popular with many people.  A ceramic dinner set consisting of white dishware offers a very elegant look.  Using a white dinner set for a formal dining occasion is a great utilization of porcelain dinnerware.

Different types of dinnerware have their own perceived value and standing. People often purchase a normal discount dinnerware set from a discount store for daily use, and supplement this with an expensive and sophisticated designer set for more formal occasions. When choosing your dinnerware set it also makes sense to choose a matching type and design of silverware to ensure your dining table will be pleasing to the eye.

For formal use a nice white dinnerware set may be perfect, the white dinner plates providing a nice crisp backing for your meals.  For more festive occasions you can choose a more colorful fine china dinnerware style.

If you are a frequent traveller, do not miss the opportunity of buying porcelain dinnerware sets from the different places that you visit. You will definitely be the proud owner of a dishware set that is an amazing collection your friends and family will envy.